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The Department of Product is your ultimate guide to building a product-led tech company, with news, analysis and knowledge for the people who build tech products.

A product-led perspective means we don’t just tell you what’s happening in tech - we tell you what it means for the people building tech products.

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, I sift through the noise to bring you a collection of:

  • Practical tools

  • Data and trends

  • In-depth analysis and insights

  • Explainers to improve your knowledge 

To keep you on top of what matters - and to help you make smarter strategic decisions in your role.

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Free subscribers get the Weekly Briefing to help you stay in the loop with a product-led perspective of what matters in tech. 

Free subscribers get roughly a quarter of the content included in a paid subscription. 

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Paid subscribers get access to the full Department of Product stack, which includes the Weekly Briefing plus:

✅ The Knowledge Series - easy to read guides designed to help you plug the gaps in your tech knowledge so that you feel more confident when chatting to colleagues. Clearly explained in plain English. One topic at a time. (sample)

✅ Data and chartpacks on business, design and technology. Reports are product-oriented, to help you understand what’s happening outside of your four walls so that you can make stronger strategic decisions. (sample)

✅ DOP Deep -  in-depth, deeper analysis, DoP Deep goes deeper into relevant topics than our weekly briefing, for people who want more than a surface level update on what matters for product builders (sample).

✅ Product Databases - I scour the web to find the most practically useful products that you might not have heard of across relevant industry verticals. Updated regularly with new products. Paid subscribers get full, ongoing access. (sample)

How much does it cost?

$12 per month or $120 a year (saving 18%). If you have a learning and development budget, this can often be expensed.

Our audience

The briefing reaches a global audience of over 40,000+ product managers, UXers, engineers, VCs and tech leaders from high calibre tech companies and VC firms.

About the author

The Department of Product’s newsletters are written by me,

👋. Thanks for taking the time to read about this newsletter.

My background is in product and over 10+ years I’ve helped build products at companies including eBay, major global banks and smaller fintech startups.

I realise there’s a lot of newsletters out there these days and that’s why this newsletter is a little different; we don’t focus exclusively on either thought leadership or news - instead, we’re at the intersection of figuring out what’s happening in tech and understanding what the implications are for product builders.

Our programs

As well as our newsletter, each year we work with leading instructors from top companies including Square, Amazon, Netflix, Atlassian and more to help you develop your product development skills.

💻 Web Technologies is designed for product managers, designers and non-engineering professionals who want to learn more about the technical aspects of building products so that they can have more confident conversations with engineers.

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Rich Holmes

Writing about new products, tech and strategy for 40,000+ readers. Ex-product in SaaS, eBay, London banking / fintech.